What is “Inkless stretch mark & Scar camouflage”?

The inkless technique is similar to a Permanent Makeup camouflage tattoo except, doesn’t use pigments to match the skin color, instead use a variety of serums, oils, and vitamins to blend their appearance with the rest of the skin.  2-3 treatments will be needed for best results 4-6 weeks apart depending on the area being treated.

What is the healing phase?

Immediately after treatment, the treated area to be red, swelling, raised, and/or itchy. This is normal and may take a couple of days to subside. Aftercare instructions will provide by our professionals in order to facilitate the healing process. Since this is a non-invasive procedure, there is little to no downtime. Most patients resume work the same day or the following day.

Healing varies per person and can range from 30-90 days.

Inkless camouflage technique

This is an alternative to putting ink into your skin and a more natural approach. Unlike other treatments such as lotions, scrubs, lasers and more, our technique stimulates the skin to produce collagen – a naturally occurring protein that provides structure to the skin and other body areas. Once desired results are reached no touch ups are required.    

How long are the treatments?

Typically, a session lasts between 1-2 hours. It all depends on the affected area. Usually, it takes several treatments to achieve desired results.

Is it painful?

Most Clients report that it is painless, some have commented that “it actually tickles”, “it feels like a gentle scratching”, or “it’s not as bad as a tattoo”.

What are the results?

As a result, clients can notice a 20%-100% reduction of stretch marks after one session. 

Can treatments be done on all skin colors?

Yes, Encourage to the client bring loose and comfortable clothing for the treatment.

COST: $1850

A day training

Day 1

  • What is the collagen induction therapy
  • Introduction to inkless Camouflage Technique
  • What Are Stretch Marks & Scars?
  • Skin Anatomy & Healing
  • Contraindications and risks
  • Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin Tones: Overtones & Undertone
  • Types of skin and results
  • Health, safety and legal
  • Formulas & Serums
  • Supply List
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Rate sheet
  • Qualifying Candidates
  • Client expectations
  • Consultation
  • Aftercare instructions
  • Consent Form
  • Step by Step Guide

You will work on live models yourself with the direction of the Instructor.

Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Requirements for Participation:

  • Completed Bloodborne Pathogen
  • Deposit of $500 is required to hold your upcoming training dates.
  • This amount applies toward the final balance.
  • Balance must be paid in full the day of class. 

Kit & Certifícate included

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