Become a highly paid BB Glow skin treatment professional with our comprehensive course. ​Learn all the breakthrough techniques and get certified in BB Glow Skin Treatment. This new unparalleled anti-aging facial rejuvenation technique has taken the beauty industry by storm.

Have you heard about our newest anti-aging skin treatment BB Glow?

It achieves instant results with effective skin brightening, skin whitening, wrinkle improvement, and so much more. Beauty Ink Miami offers the certification course in this treatment for incredibly effective skin.

Our instructor Liliana Gonzalez is an expert in providing detailed classroom instruction and practical experience to our students. To guarantee the highest training standards.

Beauty Ink Miami obtains products directly from Korea, where the technique was developed.

Become a highly paid BB Glow skin treatment professional

And bring your clients the best skin treatment available today.​

Benefits for your customers

  • There is no pain
  • No redness
  • No downtime
  • Immediate result

Whether you want to match the skin tone of your client or that you want to lighten your skin tone, the use of this treatment will leave you with a semi-permanent effect of a full coverage base.

The BB Glow training course offers people from all walks of life a potential career or additional income source that is not only incredibly satisfying but also financially rewarding.

PRICE: $850


  • BB glow device
  • 10 cartridges
  • 1 box of 8ml x 12 vials of active ingredients.


  • Skin functionality review
  • Microneedling devices – evolution, performance and results review
  • Consent forms
  • Consultations
  • Benefits of BB Glow
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Needles and types of needles –  How and When to use them?
  • BB Glow Protocol theory
  • Practical (see requirements)
  • Aftercare instructions
  • Health Authority Standards
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Consent forms
  • Insurance
  • Government regulations
  • Social media
  • Complementary BB Glow service


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