If you love the Microblading Technique but don’t want to deal with blood or simply want to give your clients more options, then this is the course for you.


The Hyperrealism machine hair strokes technique

Is the most advanced and fastest updated procedure you can learn in brow cosmetic tattooing. You will create the most natural hair-like brows for all of your clientele without any concerns about skin issues, such as large pores, oily skin, or wrinkled skin, and is also suitable for sensitive and prone-to-bleeding skin types. If this sounds good to you, please look at the details below and let us know if you want to enroll in this new groundbreaking course.


  • Medical Preclusions
  • Government and state legislation
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Microorganism and diseases
  • Hygiene, Infection control, and waste disposal
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Contraindications
  • Pre and Post-treatment
  • Needles
  • Angles
  • Pigment fundamental theory
  • Color theory
  • Cartridge Theory
  • Pigment longevity
  • Healing process
  • Hyperrealism Machine Hair Stroke process and procedure
  • Hyperrealism Machine Hair Stroke Touch-up
  • 3 different Hyperrealism Machine Hair Stroke patterns
  • Dot technique
  • Line technique
  • Hair Strokes vs Microblading
  • Mapping for hair strokes
  • How to achieve flowing patterned hair strokes
  • When is it best to use dot work and line work technique
  • How to highlight hair strokes
  • Brow design and symmetry
  • Correct stretching
  • How to draw a perfect shape using thread
  • How to draw a perfect shape for each customer
  • How to take photos
  • Before and After care
  • How to choose a correct color
  • How to control hand pressure
  • How deep the needles go in
  • Color Retention
  • How to correct and cover up old Microblading with Hyperrealism Machine Hair Stroke technique
  • How start your own business

And more…

Cost: $3000


  • Fully Equipped Cosmetic Tattoo Kit

  • Professional machine

  • 2 box of needles

  • 4 x High-quality pigments

  • Theory manual book

  • Consultation sheet

  • Brow pencils

  • Thread roll

  • Pigment holder

  • Color mixer

  • Brow measure

  • Ointments

  • Pigment cups

  • Practice skin

  • Medical history consent form template

  • Consent form template

  • Aftercare form template


  • Course duration: Intensive 3 days training
  • Time: 9 AM – 5 PM – Perform live model under supervision.
  • Qualifications:  Certificate in Hyperrealism Machine Hair Stroke
  • Hands-on (live model under supervision)
  • PayPal credit available

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